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05:29pm 10/12/2004
  Who thinks this was cause by syphillis dementia?

I'm pretty sure that's what it was.
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Go North, Homos.   
11:17am 10/12/2004
  Well, the good news is Canada isn't completely insane. Just a little insane. They've legalized gay marriges, so now, we'll have gay people, liberals, and other various oppressed groups seeking assylum in this hostile Northern Territory.
Now I'm hoping Bush won't blow them up for harboring terrorists (People of other political parties, and some of his own party that have crossed him).
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07:08pm 09/12/2004
  Calculus, you have made me your bitch, yet again.  
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08:50pm 08/12/2004
  Just out of morbid curiousity, post what you think are the best cover songs of all time.

Go ahead, do it.
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It's always funny to see someone getting kicked in the balls   
03:54pm 08/12/2004
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Talk about old school.   
11:54am 03/12/2004
  Wow. From another time man. The first song I had ever written and recorded with a band No, that's not me singing, thankfully. That's another alcoholic. Pretty rough, four chords, this is the first time we'd actually played the song through together, and the only surviving recording that I know of. What's scarier about this whole thing is how this song was recorded. Daniel was drunk off his has, and had broke my strat a few months earlier by either spilling bongwater or beer on it, to this day, the mystery remains unsolved, although the guitar has been repaired and rebuilt, it's bigger, stronger, faster, and has a humbucker. But since the strat was out of commission, I didn't have another electric guitar. But wait? you say that's an electric guitar on that track you just heard? yup. I bought an old Kent Armstrong humbucker and slapped it in the hole of my old Harmony acoustic. Althought this guitar hadn't been restored at the time. I was too busy doing drugs to restore it, and I had just traded a hat for it a few years earlier. Daniel actually bought a nice microphone, it might have been a nady or something like that, so we actually plugged in into my old HP PC and brought out windows sound recorder. The catch was the music in the room was so damned loud we couldn't hear Daniel singing. He went out and got a 30 ft cord, ran into the living room and was singing along into the mic in there, and recording the music from about twenty feet way. Wild shit. Damned crackheads we were. Steve (the guy playing drums) might end up having other versions with the actual guitar solo and developed structure lying around somewhere. We recorded a few other tracks, but those are also lost, probably for the good.Collapse )  
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09:41am 03/12/2004
really strong coffee is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
Most Fucked up picture of the week   
03:09pm 16/11/2004
  Well, here it is, the most fucked up picture of the week:

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More reason to hang Haliburton Execs...   
04:53pm 11/11/2004
  Bad Coffee, you say?

Well, it appears even if you are in Iraq, getting shot at, they still stiff you with waffle house coffee. It's Maxwell house, and I'm sure it's the shitty pre-packaged amounts, like at waffle house.

Their coffee sometimes tastes like rubbing alcohol. You have to be half drunk to drink it. If I'm getting shot at in Iraq, I'd want a strong damn drink, dammit.
Is it time to go home?   
03:36pm 11/11/2004
  Well, My family has been here for about 100 years. I read an interesting article today:


Apparantly, recent Irish immigrants are leaving the US. Ireland had a IT revolution in the last several years, and things are going better.

Is the grass greener on the Emerald Isle?
I wonder how hard it is to get back in?
07:43pm 10/11/2004
  When asked to speculate about the Republican presidential field in 2008, Rove demurred. With a smile, he said: "This will be the last presidential campaign that I will ever do."

- Karl Rove

Why would this be the last presidential campaign he ever does?
They are gonna delcare Bush Emperor of the New American Country, better move.
04:09pm 09/11/2004

Well I'll be damned. I'm not sure what's more disturbing about this picture. Sodomy isn't a civil right, I guess, but what are they fighting against/for? Are they fighting for the 8 year old kids holding up the signs that have words written on there they don't know, and don't need to know? Or are they just stupid?

I'm not a big fan of sodomy myself, in fact, I'm not a fan of it at all, but Christ. We are a land of freedom. You know, that war we fought a while back, to do something, what was it? spread our brand of Democrazy... No... Kill hitler.. no.

Oh yeah, to be able to practice different/conflicting beliefs. Almost forgot about that. How will the eight year olds holding up these signs remember?
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Project for a New American Century   
05:40pm 05/11/2004
  This is a pretty well done trailer/infomercial of sorts dealing with the Project for a New American Century. I know this name might sound like a good thing, but it is bad. Very bad. Project for a New American Century also goes by the name of the Wolfowitz Doctrine. This is outlining exactly what we are doing right now, and calls it global American Imperialism. It's blatant, and broad, and scary. This clip goes into a little more detail, calling it more of a military-industrial complex that's driving it. These things aren't conspiracy theories, they are factual arguments based on documents drawn up by the cabinet of George W. Bush. Just search for Wolfowitz Doctrine or Project for a New American Century on google, you'll find valid information on it. This is the begining of the end of something.
Thanks to Stuart for the clip, I stole it.


Check it out.

03:55pm 27/10/2004
  They've found HOBBITS!  
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Are all people voting for Bush insane?   
03:52pm 27/10/2004
  Sarasota Man Tries to Kill Girlfriend for Voting Kerry

Check this out.

Dude went postal on his girl for trying to vote Kerry, and also trying to leave him, apparantly a deadly combination if you are an 18 year Marine waiting to get your GED so you can go into the service....
01:13pm 20/10/2004
  I just noticed how annoying the scroll wheel on my mouse is.
It makes a loud noise. This could really annoy someone.
I can sit here spinnging and spinning away, and it makes a loud, hollow, repetitive clicking sound.
it also changes the tone when I hold down one of the mouse buttons.

This is what happens when I don't drink.
Speculation of an Ear piece....   
10:18am 13/10/2004
  Well, there's more proof that Bush is wired.

Here's the video. Forward to 40minutes 30 seconds. You'll see Bush saying:
"As the politics change, his positions change, and that's not how a commander and chief act. I, uh, I ughhh, Let me finish! The intelligence I looked at was the same intelligence my opponent looked at."

Well, no one interupted him. No lights came on to say he couldn't finish. He was speaking to the man in the box. Is there another explanation? If so, let me no, because this is becoming pretty obvious, and scary.
05:45am 11/10/2004
  So I'm going to fail a Cal2 test in less than an hour.

Some of you may ask why.
Some of you may just say, "that figures, the dumbass."

But let me tell you why I'm going to fail. No, it's not my fault, oh no. It's Gods Fault.

See, God's trying to kill me, and in his haste to kill me, has gotten me sick, ran down, shitty. And now when I go in to take the test, all I will remember is contempt and spite, and the little bunnies hopping around the room that are obivious hallucinations from a fever.

yes, oh yes.
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Another Bush Bulge.   
06:34pm 10/10/2004
  Well, here's another picture of Bush during the most recent debate:

Look at his back, there's another bulge in is back...

Is this a wire? Fucking Christ, why aren't people picking this shit up. They made a fucking shit storm over the military records, trying to prove all was on the up side. They would let shit like this slide through? Sons of Bitches.

Liberal media my ass.
This photo was pulled from an AP photo site, news.yahoo.com
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Bush's mystery bulge.   
01:52pm 08/10/2004
  Yeah, I know this sounds extremely dirty, but it's not.
G.W. Bush's Mystery Bulge

But in other news, I woke up today, after not getting much sleep, and God spoke to me. He hasn't spoke to me in a while, and I'm pretty sure this time, because it felt so real.

When I woke up, I saw a light over to the west, not the sun, it was still dark, must have been the TV.

Then God spoke. He said, you must kill Amy Grant. I understood, but asked him why. Then I heard the song. It has not left me and will not leave me until Amy Grant is dead.

Man on a Mission from God.